Toon Thursday: On Writing Resolutions

I was going to write a new cartoon about writing resolutions, and then I went back over the Toon Thursday Archives and realized I’d already done a perfectly good one on this topic that pretty much says it all–and I did it SO LONG AGO you’ve probably forgotten all about it, just like I did. Thus (trying to avoid using “so,” which is one of the BBC’s 20 overused words of 2013), I present you with the real truth about writing resolutions. Don’t try to deny it. I’ve already had this happen JUST TODAY.

Here’s to a writing year that’s hopefully more productive than this cartoon portends…

About the author

Sarah Jamila Stevenson is a writer, artist, editor, graphic designer, professor of humanities, and localization QA tester, so she wears a teetering pile of hats. On any given day, she is very tired. She is the author of the middle grade graphic novel Alexis vs. Summer Vacation, and three YA novels, including the award-winning The Latte Rebellion.


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