WEEKEND WORD: And it’s even a good book!

She’s blind, yes. But, that doesn’t end the imagination, now does it? Unfortunately, it does make it hard to tell, when you’re writing longhand, if you’ve got ink in your pen…

Fortunately, the police are here to protect and serve – and this time, they served as impression readers, in the proud tradition of TV detectives who always decipher the phone messages after the written-on sheet from the pad has been torn away.

Now, what’s your excuse for not writing????

Yeah, I thought so.

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  1. Well, looking at the rubber lines she uses, I have a feeling that she probably writes pretty hard – but that only would take you through the first few pages… after that, things would get tricky.

    I just think it's hilarious – policemen are on every detective show so Super Keen and able to read phone messages from ripped-away pads – nice of them to prove they really can!

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