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I ran across a few fascinating links via a recent issue of the Expression Online e-newsletter (the international SCBWI newsletter), and I thought I’d post those along with the news that the US Board on Books for Young People recently released their 2010 list of Outstanding International Books. The list includes some personal favorites by Shaun Tan, Patrick Ness, and Neil Gaiman–and I got a sneak preview (well, not REALLY sneaky) and copy of the bookmark at ALA! Go check it out and download the bookmark or the PowerPoint on the USBBY website.

Did you know there is an Iran Book News Agency? It’s a nonprofit organization whose website includes all sorts of interesting news about the Iranian book scene, including news about teen books and authors. I found out that the classic stories of the gorgeously illuminated Shahnama will be rewritten for children–very cool.

Lastly, a fascinating article in the Twin Cities Daily Planet disputes an oft-quoted claim that there are few images of Muslims in children’s literature today. According to the article’s author, Mary Treacy:

The ten years since 9/11 have actually seen promising rise in books about Muslim history, Muslims in America, and books about young Muslims, particularly stories that debunk myths about Muslim girls and women.

Read the full article for numerous examples and other resources.

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  1. I suppose I should be reading Expressions, but I still feel more connected to my old branch of the SCBWI. Still, it's a great source of information, and I'm happy to hear about the Iranian Book News Agency. That's pretty cool.

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