Need a Resolution? Get tied up in Y.A.R.N.!

Resolve to get more involved in writing and young adult literature? If so…

It was a quiet debut, when YARN kicked off in January of 2010; a clean, well-laid out site with the promise of good things — but pretty empty. They’ve come a long way since then. A busy site, author interviews, a “Teachers” section with NCTE-standard lesson plans on the novels YARN reviews, and news, news, news. I got a heads-up about them in July, when they interviewed Mitali Perkins, and now it’s time for you to get to know them.

Why? ‘Cause they’ve got a call for submissions out. You said you’d be writing more in 2011 — maybe poetry? Some short stories? Little exercises to help you think of some bigger themes? Why not submit some work, and start letting people see it? Think of it as dress rehearsal for your success this year.

Call for Submissions:
Imagine. Envision. Write. Revise. Submit.
YARN, the Young Adult Review Network is taking submissions of original short stories, poems, and creative essays for a YA audience. Submissions can by written by authors of any age, as long as the subject matter is of interest to readers 14-18 years of age. We take a special interest in teen writers. Be published alongside the YA writers you admire, like Tina Ferraro, Terra Elan McVoy, Barry Lyga, and Mitali Perkins. YARN reads submissions year round, and also takes submissions of photography to accompany our writing. Please see our submission guidelines for more details. What’s your YARN?

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