Is That A Tumbleweed Blowing Past?

Yeah, so we’re still recovering from the SFF Cybils deliberations, at this late date. They went late. We started drinking coffee early.

There was reading. There were characters discussed. And dissected. There were concerns about homogeneous shortlists, and conjecture about inclusiveness. There were more discussions. The odd (very) cyborg. An occasional sniffle from The Weeping Corner, as nominations were pried from cold, dead hands. There was not even a small, well-contained bloodbath, which was unexpected. No one died, and we came away with a KICKIN’ shortlist for the judges to slave over, which will be announced via the Cybils website on New Year’s Day.

And then, it’s all on the judges. Poor judges.

We’ll be going back to sleep now, waking to turn over and luxuriate in reading something that isn’t on anyone’s list except our own. Oh, and stay tuned — more Cybils reviews forthcoming as they get written. Eventually. Sometime after the ball drops…

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  1. Ack. Let me try that again.

    It was long and exhausting, but so much fun. I think we have a terrific shortlist and can't wait for the world to see it in the morning! I do pity the round 2 judges. It was hard enough narrowing it down to the finalists. I don't know how the judges can possibly pick one of them as a winner!

  2. I just saw the nominees – love them! (And I think that picture is more than apt. You had a crazy amount to read). A little sad Once a Princess didn't make it, but I didn't expect it to. I just wanted it more widely read. And you even highlighted it here! Made me so happy. Now, go to sleep. You deserve the rest.

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