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Monster Blood Tattoo has been shortlisted in the YA Andre Norton Award category of the 2009 Nebula Awards. Color me happy. I know some people still can’t get into those books, but I love, love, love them, the strange monsters, odd characters and endearing boy-with-the-girl’s-name. Don’t fear the tome, people!

Boy, there’s a good discussion-started over at the Gratz Industries blog. Many of us have attended writing conferences at SCBWI functions and other places, and have paid to have a manuscript critiqued. It is, as always, the luck of the draw whether you get an editor or a random (probably a guest speaker, so not so random) author critiquing you. There’s a point to the critiquing process, no matter who does it — to give you a clear view of the strengths and weaknesses of your manuscript. So it doesn’t matter who wields the red pen. Right? RIGHT!??? Oh, just drop by Alan Gratz’s discussion of The Publishing Fairy.

Another great conversation on ethnicity and race over at the Fire Escape — this all started because Mitali is collection tough questions about diversity in children’s publishing to discuss at the New England SCBWI panel in April. Thought some of the responses were brilliant, and now she’s discussing the language we use when we talk about race. Will we wever agree about how to talk about these things if we can’t even agree on a vocabulary?

There’s snow on the ground, and there are only two days ’til the weekend. I think I can stay awake for this…

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  1. Okay, I may have to check out Monster Blood Tattoo. I’ve heard of the books, and the name’s great, but I know little else. I’ll take a look at Mitali’s post about the tough questions. I’m curious to see if my tough question has been mentioned yet.

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