Cool Stuff for Monday–Take Kidlit to the Gym With You

Can I just tell you how much I’m coveting ShelfTalker’s Kidslit Nalgene bottle, courtesy of Powell’s Books? My birthday is March 24th, ahem ahem… 🙂

I’ve been a naughty girl and I haven’t cruised by Fuse #8 in a bit, but I’m glad I’ve been trying to get caught up because I found this great post about a worthy literacy cause that Class of 2k7 author G. Neri recently assisted with–getting great books to teens in juvenile detention centers around New York. Kudos to Greg and everyone involved with the effort.

Lastly, I was so tickled to find an interview with Cybil-award-winning GN author/illustrator Emmanuel Guibert (The Professor’s Daughter) over on Cynsations. Then I read the interview. Soon, a short giggle escaped me. Then a larger one. Then, more like a series of guffaws. It is seriously a great interview, because he’s so obviously a smart-ass about the whole process, but he has this sense of humor that’s somehow very…French. A few examples:

How has your childhood influenced your illustrations and writing?
EG: I’ll let you know when my childhood is over.

Do you work with the television, radio, or stereo on? In cafés, nursing a half-cup of lukewarm tea, or in isolation?
EG: Yes, all of that at the same time. And even asleep.

Don’t miss it–it’s good for a laugh. And we could all use more laughter at the beginning of the week.

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