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I’ve just swung back by ReaderGirlz, and man, this site for gutsy young women who read — it’s just getting cooler and cooler. A Trés Cool Truth: my Cybil Sister Little Willow designed the ReaderGirlz website!! (Can I tell you that I just can’t wait to become famous so LW can do one for me!) Take a listen to the soundtrack that goes with the reading for this month: girls who believe in Nothing But the Truth (and a few white lies) will relate to the fabulously positive lyrics. (Natasha Bedingfield’s Unwritten is today’s anthem — Today is where your book begins – the rest is still unwritten…) If you have not yet read this book, please, rectify this deficit in your life. Ditto if you haven’t yet seen this site!

I’m proud that this whole thing launched the first of March (on my birthday, because it really is all about ME!) in celebration of Women’s History Month and strong young women in the world of fiction and beyond. Like Cybil Sister Jen’s Cool Girls in KidLit list, I have a feeling that book salon is going to create an positive and unprecedented response! Go ReaderGirlz!!

And speaking of Jen – do check out her recent podcast interview at Kim & Jason’s Escape Adulthood blog. I got advance notice that it would be about Jen from the very cool Jason Himself, and so go enjoy – and be sure to list your favorite children’s book! — just for the fun of it, but you might also win a $20 gift certificate to their very fun Lemonade Stand just for answering the question!

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  1. Happy birthday! (Sorry that these wishes are a day late, but I did not know your birthday before.)

    Thank you so much for cheering on readergirlz, and thank you for the compliments and future website wishes. You are too kind! I look forward to working with you! 🙂

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your kind words about readergirlz! We so appreciate your support!

    And I’m happy to say Prodigy Advertising is headed up by my brother. He’s a Flash Master and has been so generous to readergirlz. But LW was key in our website design and coding. Shout out to our webdiva, LW! Woot, woot!

    Lorie Ann, readergirlz diva

  3. Happy Belated Birthday!! And thanks so much for linking to my podcast at K&J (and for not forgetting the Cool Girls, who are really past due for an update, especially to add Patty Ho to the list). I completely agree that Jason is very cool. And I hope that you win a gift certificate.

    I’m also sure that you’re right about people rallying around readergirlz. How can any of us resist? This is what we live for. Great books about strong heroines, and the chance to share them with teen girls.

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