Media That Matters: A Girl Like Me

Probably the most painful, revealing and impactive film I’ve seen in awhile on girls and race I found on Mitali’s Fire Escape today. Watch this, think about it, blog about it… I have so many thoughts I can’t even express them yet. Wow.

Additions: This film was publicized on NPR’s Talk of the Nation last October, and Miami Herald columnist Leonard Pitts responded to the film last September.

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  1. From the film:

    Q: which one is the bad doll?
    A: this one [indicates black doll]
    Q: which one is the nice doll?
    A: this one [indicates white doll]
    Q: why is this doll bad?
    A: because it’s black
    Q: and why is this one nice?
    A: because she’s white

    Note that the child viewed the black doll as an “it,” but the white doll as a “she.” This goes even beyond thinking that the dolls are good or bad, and into seeing the black doll as non-human.

    Truly a sad, sad world.

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