Ruby Oliver rides again!

This book is a 2006 Cybil Award Nominee for YA Fiction.

Ruby Oliver is back! In this second installment of life within the Tate Universe, Ruby is a newly licensed driver, a junior, and she has a pretty cool job! But life still isn’t perfect. Because, well, boys. They still exist. They still cause problems. And Ruby still wants one of her own.

Ruby’s trying so hard to get back on track that she’s even ditched Dr. Z, figuring that she’s much better now. After all, she knows what to do! Just be a good friend, right? Just… sort of ignore boys, since they’re the ones causing all the problems anyway. But, then, Nora’s hooters need rescue, and Kim’s back from Tokyo, and everything is sort of unraveling. And is Noel or isn’t he maybe trying to tell her something? And if Nora saw him first, what’s a girl trying to be good and follow the Code supposed to do? It’s time to check out The Boy Book: A Study of Habits and Behaviors, Plus Techniques for Taming Them. The answers are in there, somewhere … or maybe they’re still in Ruby’s head. That’s why maybe it’s time to write a Girl Book, because sometimes… it’s just not about the boys.

Another sad, sweet, funny piece of Ruby’s puzzle; you won’t be able to can’t wait for the next installment. If you haven’t yet read The Boyfriend List, do!

About the author

tanita s. davis is a writer and avid reader who prefers books to most things in the world, including people. That's ...pretty much it, she's very boring and she can't even tell jokes. She is, however, the author of eight books, including Serena Says, Partly Cloudy, and the Coretta Scott King honored Mare's War. Look for the new MG, Go Figure, Henri Weldon in 9/2022 from Katherine Tegen Books.

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