Happy Blogiversary Indeed!

It’s been eleven years of blogging for Tanita and me. Can you believe it? I went diving into our archives and found a few fun tidbits from our blogging past, in honor of our Feb. 24th blogversary

Three years in, I posted a cartoon of THE TWO OF US in our imaginary writing spaces–Tanita was still in Scotland, as evidenced by the sheep and castle, and I apparently lived within sight of the Golden Gate Bridge (which is a wee 90-mile exaggeration):

And, exactly 10 years ago yesterday, we put up our 101st post! Tanita posted a quote from the wonderful Sid Fleischman, and it’s the perfect inspiration for another blogging and writing year:

Now that Finding Wonderland is 11 years old and counting (puberty must be coming–uh oh), let’s hope that any reliving of our awkward adolescence is limited to the books we read and write!

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  1. I think that is my fave comic of yours, ever.
    Also, I just want to point out that I actually HAD sheep I could see from a window, and, had we moved a hill aside, I would have been able to see Stirling Castle at one point!! So, your picture TOTALLY worked.

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