My Semicolon Soul Mate

Sorry for the long radio silence. But I promise I will make it worth your while with PICTURES! The hubs and I were in Washington, DC for about 10 days and got back on Saturday night, and of course the trip was a whirlwind of food, fun, and lots and lots of ART. While talking to the front desk staff at the Baltimore Museum of Art (where we got to have lunch with longtime blog bud and Cybils tech guru Sheila) I also found out that September 24th was National Punctuation Day. NATIONAL PUNCTUATION DAY how did I not know about you? The front desk girls were discussing which punctuation mark should be their chosen punctuation soul mate, and I had to think…if it were me? I had a good long relationship with the semicolon, but lately I’ve been more of an ellipsis/em dash kind of girl. How about youse guys?

Anyway, appropriately enough, while at the same museum, I saw this painting entitled The Allegory of Grammar (1650, Laurent de la Hyre):

Who knew Grammar was so purty? And, um, apparently is not a great gardener? Those flowers look a little sad…

Anyway, one more cool writing-related picture for you. We went to the Smithsonian Museum of American History, which ended up being much more fascinating and amazing than we had expected (who couldn’t get a little teary looking at the original Kermit the Frog? seriously.). One of the objects they had on display was Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s typewriter. How cool is this?

LOOK! + THINK! I’ll leave you with that, and promises to catch up on reviews soonest.

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