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  1. Urgh. I actually just read a (grown-up) book that was really, really good….until it abruptly ended and failed to wrap up two of the three mystery threads in satisfactory fashion. And this was NOT nearly justified by the fact that it was the first book in a (loosely structured) detective-ish series.

  2. @Gail: THAT. IS. THE. ABSOLUTE. WORST. Because at that point you're facing the knowledge that if you'd just looked, you'd have known it was a trilogy or whatnot, and maybe not started reading until the second or third one was already published (which is what I usually do), or worse, you're going to be faced with an absolute crap ending, where it's all rushed and shoved tight into a shiny, Happily Ever After that makes absolutely no sense. It's a bad deal either way, unless it's a VERY clever writer. Admittedly THE HANGED MAN, by P.N. Elrod is clever enough to have surprised me most recently – but not everybody can do that! (And I was still cross to realize once again I'd started a series without having the sequel firmly in hand. le sigh.)

    @Sarah: Ooh, detective?? I need a title, please… so I can be equally disappointed, apparently. *sigh*

  3. Ah. The book in question is Case Histories by Kate Atkinson, #1 in the Jackson Brodie series.

    What happened was I accidentally read book 2 in the series, One Good Turn, and was well into it before realizing that it was NOT book 1, so when I was done I went back and read book 1. I really enjoyed Book 2 (takes place in Edinburgh!), which had a somewhat sudden but not too terribly unresolved ending, but book 1 took this to much more of an extreme. I actually really love her writing in a lot of other ways, so I'm going to try book 3 and see if it's more like book 2…

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