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KidLitCon is coming soon–and the new keeps getting more and more exciting, as we learn that one of the keynote speakers will be The Jumbies author Tracey Baptiste! For more information about that, check out the post on the Kidlitosphere Central website.

In related news, did you know there’s a new KidLitCon Tumblr? I am just starting to foray gently into the world of Tumblr, although Tanita has been participating for a little while now. Anyway, KidLitCon has got a Tumblr so you can keep up with all the latest conference developments, and…drum roll…I NOW HAVE A TUMBLR TOO.

However, there is currently nothing on it. Sorry.

But it’s called Better Living Through Sarcasm and my plan is to use it to post original cartoons from time to time–not just reblogged Toon Thursdays (though, believe me, I’ll be doing that!) but also scans of old cartoons I drew as a kid, just for fun, and brand new material that will be based on funny quotes from student essays (aka Students Say the Darnedest Things!). Possibly other humor will show up, too, and the occasional reblog of other funny stuff.

As with everything I seem to want to do lately, there is a dearth of time to actually start on the Tumblr, but if you happen to visit and there is something up there, it means I managed to successfully scrounge a few minutes. And I’m hoping it’s the right kind of forum for easy sharing of toons.

That’s it for today. Sorry for being relatively quiet the last couple of weeks, but that’s how it goes sometimes…

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