Rambling on a Thursday Afternoon…

Yep, that’s what you get from me today, because it is the last week of school and my upcoming weekend will be filled with GRADING FUN as well as previously scheduled and poorly timed social engagements.

Saturday, for instance, I’ll be attending the SCBWI Northern California Spring Spirit conference, a one-day event in Citrus Heights (nearly 2 hours away! sigh) with Matt de la Pena as the keynote (yay) as well as several interesting-looking breakout sessions. Matt’s will be on writing dialogue, and I’m going to that one; I’m also attending sessions on writing humor and on developing a good school visit program. And there is HOMEWORK I have to do beforehand, because evidently everything I do nowadays has homework in addition to the actual work. (‘Sup with that, universe??)

Going back to the grading fun, though…I’ve decided I want to start a Tumblr solely for the purpose of posting cartoons. Some of these will be my writing-related Toon Thursdays, but for quite a while now I’ve been collecting amusing student errors from essays, and I would also like to turn some of those into cartoons. Right now my struggles are twofold: 1) time (the perpetual problem) and 2) a title. I don’t want to call it Toon Thursday, because it’s too much pressure. It implies I’m going to post something regularly on Thursdays, and I’ve already established pretty conclusively that drawing a weekly cartoon may or may not happen.

But! This is going to happen, people. Stay tuned.

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