Alison Bechdel is a Genius, but We Already Knew That

Just a quick post today–but I wanted to make sure you all knew that cartoonist/graphic novelist Alison Bechdel has won one of those nifty MacArthur Genius Grant thingies. Yes, of COURSE we knew she was a genius way back when we first heard of the Bechdel test and challenged folks to go forth and write with an awareness of what diversity really means. But it’s fantastic to see her ideas recognized and her work get more exposure. If you haven’t read Fun Home (reviewed here) or its companion book, Are You My Mother?, I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Also, there was a really cool Q&A with Bechdel posted on NPR several days ago–go check it out. Seriously, I’m chuffed that someone so deserving (and someone I’ve even heard of, no less) has been honored so highly. It’s awesome. Go cartoonists!

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