Toon Thursday, As Promised

So this is a Toon Thursday I came up with several weeks ago but just couldn’t properly bring it to life, so it languished as notes in my sketch book until yesterday, when I finally was able to render it visually. (That, in part, is why the last toon was a pie chart–I can always fall back on the good ol’ pie chart.) Anyway, enjoy.

I suspect the reality for most of us is a combination of several of the above…

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  1. Hahahahah! Remember WRITER'S DIGESTS! I bought them a year old and wanted to throw them away – I could have had a room for them – SO DANGED HUGE.

    But, I, like, DO have an MFA in, like, life. Just so you know.

  2. I love the whole toon, especially the expression "post-art."

    I'm a combo of hard knocks and self-taught. A graduate of the school of, "They told me for Pete's sake not to be a writer because it doesn't pay anything, so I studied and found gainful employment in another field, but I couldn't stop writing, so here I am."

    –Jenn Hubbard, too lazy to sign into my Google account right now

  3. I'm so happy you noticed (and laughed at) post-art. 🙂

    Hard knocks kind of did it for me, too. Only it was more of an "I went to art school and realized I didn't want to teach, so then I decided to become a writer." Because THAT logic made sense. 🙂

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