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The (I can hardly believe it) SEVENTH Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge, hosted by MotherReader, starts tomorrow–are you ready to read for hours on end? I know I am. Twist my arm. Go ahead.

You see, normally it’s Tanita who represents for Finding Wonderland during the 48HBC, but this year, I have somehow discovered that I have two days in a row WITHOUT MAJOR COMMITMENTS during the weekend of the challenge. And because I can and will find any excuse to sit on my butt and read for several hours, I am not going to miss this golden opportunity.

The great thing is, this year, participants are being encouraged to sponsor ourselves for every hour read and donate the total amount (the hourly rate being up to us) to Reading Is Fundamental and their wonderful Book People Unite initiative. I haven’t donated to RIF in a little while (proceeds from Latte Rebellion swag have been a bit slower as of late) so I’m excited to do something like this. I therefore have decided that I will donate $1 for every hour that I successfully read during the 48-hour period from Friday to Sunday (exact morning start time TBD).

I’ve also decided that I’m going to blog the books as I read them over on my personal blog, aquafortis. I’ve been neglecting my personal blog quite horrendously and I thought this might be a fun way to rekindle our relationship. Also, I think I will be focusing mainly on adult books, since there are several I need to catch up on reading, so it seems better to write about them there. The reviews will likely be short, unless I decide to harp on something. But then, at the end, I’ll post the summary here as well as on my personal blog.

Now, off to mentally prepare myself by–what else–reading! (Dude, totally not kidding about that.)

Also, P.S: Tune in Monday for links to the first day on the Summer Blog Blast Tour. We’re posting interviews later in the week with the fabulous ROBIN LAFEVERS and ROSEMARY CLEMENT-MOORE. 

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Sarah Jamila Stevenson is a writer, artist, editor, graphic designer, professor of humanities, and localization QA tester, so she wears a teetering pile of hats. On any given day, she is very tired. She is the author of the middle grade graphic novel Alexis vs. Summer Vacation, and three YA novels, including the award-winning The Latte Rebellion.

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