Three Cheers for #MarvelousMaryLee

When our friend Jen passed along the invitation to join this party, we were more than happy to. When we first started blogging way back in 2004, Mary Lee was one of the people who made it easy to take part in the larger kidlitosphere, namely that of Poetry Friday. Since we’re two novelists (and Sarah’s a professor), it’s not always in the cards for us to take part in Poetry Friday – or really, even reviewing books all the time, but we have loved reading and lurking and seeing all the wordsmiths at work. So as Poetry Friday celebrates one of its own, we offer our Best Wishes to Mary Lee! Congratulations on 37 years of teaching, and here’s to all the leisurely breakfasts that come next!

M is for the many times she made us

Absolutely smarter than we were.

Rarely do you come across such people –

Your friendly blogging poet-whisperer!

Leaving aside her poetry and teaching,

Everyone knows: she’s just the nicest gal

Exuding calm and competence far-reaching

MARY LEE we love you, you’re our pal.

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tanita s. davis is a writer and avid reader who prefers books to most things in the world, including people. That's ...pretty much it, she's very boring and she can't even tell jokes. She is, however, the author of nine books, including Serena Says, Partly Cloudy, Go Figure, Henri Weldon, and the Coretta Scott King honored Mare's War. Look for her new MG, The Science of Friendship in 1/2024 from Katherine Tegen Books.

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