Drifting Past…

I make a point of a daily visit to the greatness that is the snowflake exhibition in promotion of Robert’s Snow, and I know that you probably do too. I thought my favorite snowflake today would be Graeme Base’s featured at Just One More Book, because I love getting — anything, and bright little packages wrapped up with string feature highly on my list of ‘favorite things.’ (Why, yes, I AM gifting you with yet another wee song to rattle around in your synapses until you run screaming into the yard. Er. Sorry. But there’s a song for every sentence, that’s just how my mind works.) I also thought it might be Ruth Sanderson’s over at Book Moot, but …well, I won’t discuss it, since there’s a song attached there, too. However, I was sneak attacked by Jeff Newman’s, hosted at A Year of Reading. There might be no song attached with it, but… that guy on the snowflake… has my bedhead. Jeff Newman also is the guy who illustrated that funny hippo/rhino picture book — go, read the interview.

Stay tuned: Wonderland is going to bust out with our own snowflake madness on Monday!

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