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I mostly just wanted to laud T’s posting below and say Go! Go! Go!

I also wanted to clarify that my active collecting of rejection slips is due far more to impatience than moxie. Simply put, I do not want years and years to go by before my first novel is published. But I guess the important thing is to be persistent, regardless of where your motivation comes from. However, I find persistence to be very difficult, and the submission/rejection process to be very discouraging, whereas I excel at impatience; so I figured I might as well use the one in service of the other. So my advice for the day is to find what motivates you to keep writing and submitting; even if that’s something as lowly as frustration, or as lofty as hubris, just keep at it!

One more thing. Though I would love to say that I made confetti from my rejection slips, I’m too afraid to destroy them in case I get audited one day and have to prove that I was sincerely trying to pursue a writing career. I’m also not masochistic enough to make wallpaper out of them. Basically they just sit in a file folder, holed away in a drawer and out of my immediate awareness. They also get logged on a spreadsheet with date of receipt, because I’m anal that way.

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Sarah Jamila Stevenson is a writer, artist, editor, graphic designer, professor of humanities, and localization QA tester, so she wears a teetering pile of hats. On any given day, she is very tired. She is the author of the middle grade graphic novel Alexis vs. Summer Vacation, and three YA novels, including the award-winning The Latte Rebellion.

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